Elementary Center School Year Programs

 (Building Opportunities for Learning Together) is a no-cost after school academic support program which provides extended instruction and learning experiences.

Grades: 1-6  
Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 
Time: 3:00-5:15pm
Location: Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Elementary School
Grade 1: Mrs. Klos
Grade 2: Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Vetch-Larson
Grade 3: Ms. Miklavich, Ms. Koetters, Mrs. Bitz
Grades 4:  Mrs. Booker
Grade 5: Mr. Evans, Mrs. Neumann, Mrs. Ebnet
Grade 6: Mrs. Cuchna, Mrs. Meagher, Mrs. Sabyan
Coordinator: Ms. Koetters, Mrs. Cuchna


5th Grade Math Masters
6th Grade Math Masters
5th Grade Stem Club
6th Grade Stem Club

Enrichment Activities
Art Club Grades 4-6 BIO Girls Grades 4-6 Discovery Cooking Club Grades 4-6 Fun with Fleece Grades 3+ Prairie Fire Children's Theatre Grades 1-8 Sewing Camp Grades 4-6 Soccer Grades 4-6

Character Development
Student Advisory (gr 3-6)

Additional programs listed in the Community Education Brochure