What is a Youth Advisory Group:

YAG is an ongoing, long term (at least 12 months) education and action focused group of young people, who work together to support high quality youth programs, youth organizations, and youth policy.

What is the Purpose of Having a Youth Advisory Group:

The purpose of a YAG is to provide a structure for young people to be involved in community, organization, or program development. These structures are built upon three central ideas: share understanding, shared decision-making and shared action. By partnering with adults, the youth people are able to hold an active role in enhancing positive youth and community development.

First Meeting:

Community Building

Role Clarity

Group’s Purpose

How are YAG’s maintained:

They often focus on multiple processes simultaneously. These include:

  1. Building the group
  2. Building the individual and group capacity
  3. Learning about and sharing personal knowledge and experiences
  4. Connecting with other allies and stakeholders
  5. Reflecting on what the group is doing and how
  6. Learning about public/organizational issues and problems
  7. Taking action on these issues and sharing progress publically
  8. Evaluating actions and incorporating what is learning into future plans

How are YAG’s sustained:

Targets of work:  Focus on building young people’s capacity across a wide range of skills, knowledge bases, and experiences.

Collaborators in the work:  Emphasize opportunities for young people to work with adults and other stakeholders on issues that matter to everyone.

Initiators of the work:  Young people are invited to talk about public issues they personally care about and take action to address these issues.






Student Advisory Group will meet once a month on Wednesday mornings.